Caribe Nautical Services is a ships' agency providing essential services to the maritime industry within the Port of Key West and nearby waters. Key West, lying just 90 miles north of Cuba, is uniquely positioned alongside the Straits of Florida, one of the world's busiest sea lanes. Established in 1981, Caribe Nautical has successfully attended thousands of port calls by cruise and cargo ships, fuel tankers, research and towing vessels, yachts, and military ships of many nations.

Services include port agency representation, bonded US Customs and Border Protection Entry and Clearance procedures, ship supply and procurement services, crew change/repatriation coordination, offshore launch services, and general vessel attendance designed to expedite any port call.

Whatever the requirement, ship owners and operators can be assured that their needs will be attended by knowledgeable boarding agents. Our local knowledge and expertise is founded in 32 years of diverse experience, local ownership, and a dedication to professional, yet personalized service.


Cruise Ship Schedules


Cruise Tourism is very important industry to our island city. The Port of Key West enjoys a robust cruise business , with cruise ships calling at our three passenger berths, Mallory Dock, Pier B Cruiseport, and Outer Mole Pier. Nearly 900,000 cruise visitors yearly boost the Key West economy and provide unique opportunities to businesses city-wide. We are one of the busiest ports-of-call in the U.S.

Caribe Nautical is happy to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information on arrivals to our business partners, including berthing arrival and departure times, previous and next ports on each ships' itinerary, and specific berth location, denoted by notation in parentheses- (B) denotes docking at Pier B Cruiseport at Westin Marina, (M) denotes docking at the city's historic downtown Mallory Dock, (N) denotes docking at the Navy Outer Mole Pier, operated for cruise operations by the Key West Port Authority.

The calendar is printable and provides both future and historical information.